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Refresh yourself in the ski mountains and emerald river in the heart of the Julien Alps...

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Getting there
Slovenian basics

Slovenian basics

Slovenia uses the Euro as currency. There is a cash machine in the centre of Bovec. Most places will take cards for purchases.
Drive on the right. It is law to drive with your headlights on night and day. There are no longer border controls with neighbouring EU countries (e.g. Austria and Italy).
Slovenia reportedly has the best healthcare system in Eastern Europe. Take your EHIC card. There is a doctor in Bovec Monday to Friday. The nearest 24 hour doctor is in Tolmin, 40 mins away. The nearest hospital is in Sempeter, 4km from Nova Gorica, 85 km from Bovec. The drive there takes around 1½ hours.
Slovenia operates on the same voltage and cycle as the UK but uses different plugs. This means that phone chargers/hairdryers will work. There are a couple of adaptors in the house but we suggest you take your own.
Communication / Telephones
There is free internet access at the school (opposite tourist information centre) after 3pm weekdays.
There is no phone at the house. Phone cards for payphones can be purchased at the post office. When using a UK mobile in Slovenia dial 00386 before the number, leaving the 0 off the area code. When using a UK mobile to phone the UK, dial 0044 before the number, leaving the 0 off the UK area code. If you have an unlocked mobile, you can buy a Slovenian SIM card (at Bovec petrol station).

Mercator is the best supermarket to use in Bovec centre. It sells most things and they tend to speak English. There are also some interesting souvenir shops and plenty of outdoor activity places.
Of course there is a fully functioning kitchen in the house. However if you fancy a night off there are lots of restaurants in town. Our favourite is Letni Vrt which has a huge selection of food including "Bear Paw‟. They will also provide anything on the menu as a take away.
Kobarid (20 min by car) has a reputed restaurant called Topli Val. It is renowned for its seafood and is one of the best restaurants in Slovenia. Apparently it is hoping to be the first restaurant in Slovenia to get a Michelin star.